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Digital printing

Books, brochures, labels, forms, foils and packages are printed and coated with protective paint using different methods. However, what they all have in common is that the printing ink needs to be completely dried or cured before the products can be stacked, cut, folded or otherwise processed. Depending on the paint, UV lamps or IR emitters, or a combination of both, are used for drying or curing.

At theIJC.com , Heraeus Noblelight presents specialty light sources and systems which provide optimal results with high energy efficiency precisely for these printing processes.

In its third year The Inkjet Conference is a well-established meeting point for all technologies and applications related to inkjet. With over 50 speeches, the.IJC.com is a two day multi-subject educational conference developed specifically for the Inkjet Equipment Manufacturers.

TheIJC brings together industry and academic leaders in their fields who speak about the latest advances and future developments driving digital print. It includes a focus on inkjet engineering, a review on fluid and ink components such as nano particles, conductive, aqueous and UV inks and an academic track open to all universities and non-commercial research institutes to present their work.

Heraeus Noblelight will join the 3rd Annual

InkJet Conference 2016
Dusseldorf, 5 - 6 October 2016
Booth B08

Talk with Heraeus experts on site about your printing processes and their challenges or contact us directly .

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