Simply more flexibility, performance and reliability

Heraeus UV LED expert speaking at IMI´s Ink Jet Printing Conference in Orlando.

While conventional printing declines, the transition from an analog to digital world accelerates – which is being reflected in the growth of digital printing applications and opportunities.
Marko Hofman, Head of Product Management of Optoelectronics at Heraeus Noblelight will talk at IMI’s Ink Jet Printing 2017 Conference in Orlando, FL.
His main topics are:

Scalable Plug & play concept

  • Advantages vs. conventional UV-LED systems
  • Freedom in design

Power Balancing & Impact on uniformity

  • What is power balancing?
  • Uniformity comparison

Register at IMI’s Ink Jet Printing Conference in Orlando, February 1-3, 2017 learn about technology advancements in ink jet printing and related technologies, markets and applications and network with leading experts within the digital printing industry.

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