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Heraeus at RadTech Conference & Exhibition 2017- The European event on UV, UV-LED and EB technology.

Heraeus at Radtech 2017

Stop by at our booth B.3 to get answers to your curing questions from our UV cure printing application experts. Benefit from Heraeus Noblelight’s broad UV curing technology portfolio from our Amba® replacement

MEET major users of radiation curing materials, equipment and products and GET an updated view on current developments and innovations in the field of radiation curing:

Advancements in shorter wavelength LED technology and its impact on UV curing applications.

Advances in UV LED technology over the past half-decade have facilitated the replacement of Hg-based UV lamps by UVA LED lamps in some curing applications. The semiconductor nature of LEDs affords them numerous benefits over conventional UV-curing technologies, such as instant on/off capability, distinct wavelength selection, minimal heat transfer to the substrate, and lack of mercury and ozone, among more. However, the low wall plug efficiency of LEDs at non-UVA wavelengths had rendered them impractical for many curing applications. Over the past three years, improvements in material and semiconductor design has improved output power for commercially available UVB and UVC LEDs while the price per milliwatt has fallen by 90%. Many applications that fail with UVA LEDs alone may potentially succeed with exposures combining UVC, UVB and UVA LEDs, bringing the full benefit of LEDs to those markets. This paper will examine the effect of combined UVC/UVB/UVA exposures, varying irradiance, wavelength, and energy, on such formulations to determine the most effective combination on a wide range of traditionally ‘broadband’ chemistries.

Novel system design for UV curing of width from 3” to 90”

  • Scalable Plug & Play concept
    • Advantages vs. conventional UV-LED systems in handling and maintenance
    • Freedom in design (UV-LED lamp grows together with the print heads)
  • Power balancing and impact on uniformity
    • Explaining what power balancing is and where the benefit is
    • Comparing UV-LED uniformity to other UV curing technologies

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