Sensor and Test

SENSOR AND TEST 2018 - The Measurement Fair

Are you visiting Sensor and Test 2018 in Nürnberg? Our experts Mr. Attwood, Mr. Schneider and Mrs. Nötscher are joining and are available for personal appointments.

If you are interested contact them to make your meeting in advance.

By the way...

Our NOx Module is designed for monitoring environmental pollution. High accuracy in measurement of several components simultaneous and in real-time.

Direct measurement of both NO and NO2 is the more precise way to measure Total NOx for Continuous Emissions Monitoring and measurement in the UV-region avoids the influence of H2O and CO2. System development based on UV Resonance Absorption Spectroscopy (UV-RAS) has been difficult in the past due to challenges in tuning the UV-lamp operation with its environment.

Now the Heraeus NOx Module overcomes this problem by offering a pre-tuned UV-light source in a stable environment, for easy integration as a Plug & Play Module into OEM UV-RAS systems. Read more

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