RadTech North America 2018

Download the presentations of Heraeus Noblelight UV experts that were held at RadTech North America 2018!

If you did not attend the RadTech 2018 conference, or did attend, but missed our technical presentations, you can download the presentations below.

Topics and Presentations to Download

How to cure traditional formulations with multi-wavelength LEDs

by Brett Skinner (Research & Development)

Highly efficient UV LED curing process with Infrared Irradiation

by Kazuo Ashikaga (Manager Marketing & Sales, Japan)

Intelligent Photon Delivery Systems powered by IoT (Internet of Things)

by Mike Gharagozloo (Manager Electrical Engineering)

A method of driving microwave-driven additive lamps for improved performance

by Darrin Leonhardt (Director of Research and Development UV)

Innovation in UV LED curing equipment

by Dr. Axel Eckmann (Head of Innovation Optoelectronics, Germany)

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