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Smart drying and curing solutions for ink processes

Meet the Heraeus experts at the 5th Annual InkJet Conference in Dusseldorf, 16 - 17 October 2018!

Flat black infrared module

Dr. Larisa von Riewel, head of the Computer Aided Engineering Group at Heraeus Noblelight, will talk about the physical analysis of ink-radiation interaction in drying processes.

The delivery of heat to a drying system is critical and can be accomplished in several ways. Beside convention in hot air dryer, hybrid radiant heating or drying involves a heat transfer by radiation between a hot element and a material at lower temperature that needs to be heated or dried. Heraeus Noblelight now has a revolution for these high purity heat processes: The first infrared emitter that transmits the useful IR medium wavelengths with high power, enabling very homogeneous heat processes also under high-purity vacuum conditions: black.infrared - Infrared Heat completely redefined .

Benefit from Heraeus Noblelight’s broad drying and curing technology portfolio from

Infrared heating solutions to UV LED curing systems .

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