UV disinfection for the meat-processing industry

No chance for germs - effective air disinfection for circulating air systems and cooled rooms

Despite high quality standards, the meat-processing industry is still very competitive due to its production conditions are particularly endangered: The air must be constantly cooled because of the food, fresh air can hardly be supplied. Added to this is the inevitably close contact in assembly line work: ideal conditions for germs and viruses that are particularly persistent and spread under these conditions.

Protect your production and your employees

There is a reliable solution to break this vicious circle and provide protection for your production and your employees: disinfection with UV light. No other method is as effective, low-maintenance and easy to install - without a complete rebuilding of the system. The UV light is absorbed by the DNA of the microorganisms and destroys their structure there. Scientific studies prove that UV light reliably inactivates 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria and fungi.

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We know what we do

Examples of Heraeus expert simulations for the emitter design.
Examples of Heraeus expert simulations for the emitter design.

For an effective disinfection of the air it is crucial to design the UV solution exactly to your specific ventilation systems. Parameters such as the air flow, materials used, cross-section and arrangement of the lamps in the duct as well as air temperature and humidity are important.

Heraeus simulation tool

For this reason, our UV experts have developed a simulation tool that tailors your system precisely to your required disinfection capacity. We can thus calculate your specific disinfection parameters, which exactly match your required security.


  • Meat industry
  • Logistic halls
  • fruit and vegetable processing industry
  • dairies
  • frozen food industry
  • all production halls with air circulation

Your advantages:

  • Safe and reliable disinfection (highly disinfecting 254 nm UVC radiation)
  • Efficient protection for products and employees (computer-aided disinfection calculation)
  • Simple retrofitting in existing room air systems
  • Easy, cost efficient low-maintenance handling
  • Environmentally friendly: chemical-free, exclusively ozone-free UVC lamps
  • Up to 16,000 hours: Heraeus UV lamps are the most long-lasting lamps on the market
  • Tailor-made adaptation of the system to your individual conditions