IR drying and UV curing for inline print production processes

Modular and flexible systems that integrate easily into your specialty add-on press configurations

UV curing and IR drying are ideal for many inline, single-pass printing press operations due to its instant cure capability. Offering your customers the ability to move their offline processes inline with your printing press helps them increase productivity and turnaround time.

Infrared Drying

Using UV curing and IR drying alongside digital inkjet, offset, flexo, rotary screen, and roll-to-roll printing processes enables single-pass inline processes such as applying UV or IR:

  • primers
  • overprint varnishes (OPV)
  • screen printed top coats
  • protective coatings
  • special effects and decorative coatings
  • label adhesives
  • cold foil decorating
  • laminating adhesives

Whether your customer is making printed electronics, marketing brochures, labels, or specialty packaging, Heraeus Noblelight’s modular, plug and play UV curing or IR drying systems offer:

  • Flexibility for customization – electrical and cooling connections, other aspects customized to best fit your press and process needs
  • Faster production speeds, consistent results – choice of high intensity UV LED and microwave-powered systems
  • Shorter and lower cost design & development time - faster trials and qualifications using our demonstration equipment or fully equipped Applications Competence Center, quick access to technical specifications

Get the technical specifications for Heraeus UV curing and IR drying products