Sheetfed and web offset printing process

Offset printing presses have incorporated mercury arc UV curing lamps for many years. What’s developed over the last decade are mercury-free, no ozone UV LED curing systems. UV LED curing systems now have the high intensity needed to deliver the required production speeds for both sheetfed and web offset printing

Benefits of UV curing for offset printing


Compared to traditional drying methods, UV curing offers:

  • Optimized costs for the entire printing process
  • Faster print production rates – immediate post-production steps possible
  • Reduced space requirements
  • More flexibility and process consistency
  • Ability to run heat sensitive substrates and uncoated stock

 UV LED technologies often preferred by commercial and package printing offset press OEMs over traditional UV curing technology due to its:

  • Ease of integration
  • Lower electrical needs
  • Process flexibility
  • Even lower heat
  • Lower cost of ownership and worker safety benefits for their customer

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Benefits of IR drying for offset printing inks

Compared to conventional drying methods Infrared drying offers:

  • Improved ratio between foot print and speed
  • More consistent and reliable drying
  • Instant on- and off-operation

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