NICHT NEHMENSpecial light sources for cutting and welding of plastic and metal

Arc and Flash as well as IR solutions are strong tools for the welding process of various materials. The manual welding process can be automated and optimized. Energy for welding is applied precisely:

  • at the right time with the right itensity
  • Only if neccessary, this saves energy
  • exactly adapted to your materials and the form of your product

Learn more about how Light solutions can boost efficiency of your welding process.

Special light sources for cutting and welding

To turn a rough diamond into a precious jewel, you need to cut the stone very precise and with only minimum loss. Laser lamps makes this possible.
Plastic boxes or tubes are often injection molded as plastic half shells before being welded together to form the finished product. Infrared heat helps within seconds to automate this process and to save energy.
Metal parts are welded for the automotive industry with Lasers.
Please get in touch with our experts and they will be happy to assist you. We have testing facilities where you can reconstruct your process.

Infrared Heaters for plastics welding of

  • Transport boxes
  • Containers for brake fluid or windscreen wiper water
  • Pipes and tubes

Arc and flash lamps for metal welding

  • Automotive welding
  • Jewellery welding
  • Micro welding for medical components