UV treatment of ballast water

Ballast water is used by large ships to provide stability and as a counterweight.
However, ballast water contains small organisms such as plankton, aquatic invertebrates, fish larvae and pathogens which are imported into foreign ecosystems. To preserve the biological and ecological equilibrium, it is therefore reasonable to keep this water free from organisms such as bacteria and pathogens.
Water treatment with intensive UV light is an environmentally-friendly treatment method.

UV treatment of ballast water

The special light sterilises the water in the ballast water tanks. In the UVC range, at a wavelength of 254 nanometres, it destroys the DNA of the bacteria and pathogens, makes them inactive and thus prevents them from reproducing.

For this process, Heraeus develops and manufactures special UV lamps and complete modules and power supplies for integration into modern ballast water systems.

The standards for clean ballast water defined by the IMO, which, however, still need to be ratified, shall help stem the invasion of the dangerous stowaways. In future, environmentally compatible treatment systems for ballast water are to become mandatory on all maritime vessels.

Your advantages with UV light

  • Fast, efficient and economic technology
  • Simple to handle with low maintenance effort
  • Eco-friendly, safe and chemical free process
  • No transport, storage and handling of dangerous goods
  • No environmental impact
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