UV curing for Energy Applications

UV curing is used in energy applications including manufacturing of lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems, solar panels, and fuel cells.

Typical UV curing processes range from bonding and sealing/gasketing to conductive inks, functional and dielectric coatings, and curing resins and gels.

UV curing offers process flexibility and on-demand fast cure enabling automated high-speed processing. Manufacturers incorporating UV curing increase production rates and product quality.

Your Advantages

  • Increased production rates
  • Reduced work in process
  • More process flexibility – long open times, short cure cycles
  • More durable and reliable products - increased abrasion, moisture and mechanical/thermal shock resistance, higher bonding strength of dissimilar materials, more stable dielectric properties
  • Improved employee health and safety
  • Low energy and space requirements

Your Applications

  • Bonding Li-ion batteries into cases or modules for electric vehicles, energy storage units, etc.
  • Li-ion battery polymer electrolytes (for solid-state lithium batteries)
  • Solar panel functional coatings (abrasion resistant, self-cleaning/hydrophobic), encapsulants and sealants, inks and conductive inks, and dielectric coatings.
  • Fuel cell sealants/gaskets, dielectric coatings, UV-curable resins for thin films or membranes (proton exchange membranes (PEM)