UVC disinfection of packaging materials and surfaces by log stages

Detrimental germs such as bacteria, yeasts and fungi need to be completely removed during the production of food. UVC disinfection is a purely dry and chemicals-free method that reduces the germ load by 99.9% (germ reduction rate log stage 3).

UVC disinfection of films

Just a few seconds of the intensive light are sufficient to render harmless rot-inducing germs such as bacteria, yeasts or fungi on sealing foils and yoghurt cups.
To efficiently inactivate even the more UVC-resistant mould fungi, it is advisable to use UVC radiation following the action of low-percentage hydrogen peroxide (1% to 3%).

This combination uses two mechanisms: the UVC radiation inactivates microorganisms which are less sensitive to hydrogen peroxide, e.g. bacillus subtilis spores, and hydrogen peroxide destroys microorganisms that require a high UVC dose, e.g. aspergillus niger spores.
This achieves an efficient and broad germicidal effect and a reduction of the germ load by up to 99.99% to provide the required germ reduction rate of log stage 4, "Ultra-clean".

This means a longer shelf-life of the products and less returns of perished food.

Your advantages using UVC disinfection

  • Dry and cold disinfection
  • Energy-efficient
  • No chemicals
  • Just low heating of the packaging material
  • UVC sterilisation in line with the filling machine cycles
  • Easy shielding of the UVC radiation e.g. by means of Makrolon® panes
  • Safe method due to breakage detector
  • Easy retrofitting due to compact versions
  • Long service life
  • UVC light ensures more hygiene during the cold filling of paste-like and liquid foods

UV sterilises your packaging materials and surfaces in the food industry

  • Packagings for bio-products
  • Packaging materials for paste-like and liquid fresh products in the cold chain (yoghurt, curd, milk)
  • Sealing and packaging films
  • Cans and bags for milk powder
  • Stick pack films for cold filling of mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise etc.
  • Bags
  • Gable top packagings for fresh milk and yoghurt
  • Sealing caps for jars and bottles
  • Assembly belts for transporting meat, fish, fruits and vegetables
  • Surfaces of food such as fruits, vegetables, hard cheeses

UVC/H2O2 disinfection of gable top packagings for fresh milk

UVC/H2O2 disinfection of gable top packagings for fresh milk

 UVC disinfection of cups

UVC disinfection of cups

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