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For five years now, we have been telling you every month where you encounter our lamps, emitters and systems in your everyday life. Infrared heat, UV technology, flash lamps and systems or lamps for optical analysis - not always visible at first glance, but always reliable and efficient!

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Did you know.....

...that skis and snowboards benefit from Infrared heat?

IR heat for ski and snowboard

Not only should skis and snowboards look appealing, they also need to be built to withstand the rigors of snow and ice. Composite materials from Isosport and  infrared emitters from Heraeus Noblelight ensure safe performance on the slopes.

...that IR heat plays a central role in the production of chocolates?

IR heat for chocolates and confectionary

Supermarkets on Valentine's Day. Each year, there is a gathering of men who buy chocolates or similar treats for their loved ones. After all, they are one of the more popular gifts that men like to buy for their wives or girlfriends on this special day.
However, not many people know how exactly the small chocolates are produced.
 Carbon infrared emitters from Heraeus Noblelight play a central role in their production.

...what UV light has to do with carrot-quark cake?

UV disinfection for packaging

At Easter you can bake a lot of delicious things. Quark is used as an ingredient in many recipes. In order to keep the quark as long as possible in the fridge, curd cups or lid foils are irradiated with  UV light before the filling process. UV light can beautify your holiday on cruise ships?

UV lamps for air treatment on Cruise ships

If you spend your holiday on a cruise ship, a relaxing evening in a nice restaurant is a must.
In order not to endanger the safety on board, there are particularly strict safety and fire protection regulations. The use of  UV light is one beneficial fire protection measure, because UV light can destroy and neutralize the molecules of grease and odors, that are in the kitchen hoods of the restaurants. As a result, the risk of fire will be reduced.

...that Heraeus FiberLight UV light source helps to keep beer tasting good?

Optical lamps for beer analysis
Beer brewed by craft breweries tastes better than beer from macrobrews. Is that true?
Taste is a subjective and hotly debated topic, but beer quality can be measured with spectrometers.

The Heraeus  FiberLight light source is easy to incorporate and reliable. Learn more about its functions!

...that laser lamps make diamonds more beautiful?

diamonds flash

Diamonds to Christmas?
Lasers have been used for diamond cutting since the early1990s. Highly developed lasers minimise weight loss and breakage.
 Lamps from Heraeus Noblelight served the global diamond processing industry since its origin.