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Effect of UV light

Mechanisms of UV disinfection

Why does UV have a disinfecting effect?

UV-Licht iim Wellenlängenbereich von 200 bis 300nm wirkt desinfizierend

Due to the wavelengths of UV light, between 200 to 300 nanometres (nm), this easily be easily absorbed by the DNA of microorganisms destroying their structures and inactivating cells.

With a sufficiently high irradiance, UV disinfection is a reliable and environmentally friendly disinfection method as it is a chemical free process.

Viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi, are rendered harmless in seconds with UV radiation. Additionally, it is impossible for microorganisms develop resistance to UV radiation.

UV light is an effective weapon against germs

There are usually many different germs in the air, in water and on surfaces. Some are harmless, while others can pose a serious health risk to humans.

Airborne microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts and moulds, are particularly prevalent in population dense areas such as airports, doctors' offices, hospitals and factories, - endangering the health of people and increasing waste by contamination of raw materials or food.

UV radiation reliably reduces germs and improves hygiene and storage conditions. To reduce the germ level in the long term, the germ-laden air can be disinfected at source in the supply air ducts. Short-wave UV radiation has a particularly strong bactericidal effect. It’s absorbed by the DNA of the microorganisms and destroys their structure, - inactivating the cells.

Key facts of UV disinfection

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UV light can be used for air and surface disinfection. Learn more how to inactivate microorganisms - completely without using chemicals.

Areas of application

Areas of application UV disinfection

What are the current areas of application in which UV light is used for disinfection?

UV disinfection is used in a wide variety of applications and industries.

This is how UV lamps from Excelitas Noblelight are used for:

Design and Simulation

Studies and Simulation

Scientific studies on UV disinfection

Noblelight has been working with various institutes and research facilities for years. It has been scientifically proven that UV light renders germs harmless in an appropriate dose.

Which parameters must be observed for qualified reduction?

Which parameters must be observed for qualified reduction?

Our UV experts have developed a simulation tool that can design your system precisely to your required disinfection performance. We take into account the disinfection parameters specific to the target bacteria.

Afterwards, we can equip your system with the appropriate emitters, which are precisely tailored to your problem.

An interpretation could look like this picture.

Noblelight UV Solutions

Noblelight UV Solutions

Which emitters are used in the fight against viruses, bacteria and fungi?

UV medium pressure, UV low pressure and also UV amalgam lamps are suitable for the disinfection of germs. Depending on the requirement criteria, the right lamp can be selected in consultation with a UV expert. Criteria can include:

  • the time available to inactivate a germ
  • energy consumption
  • the required wavelength range
  • acquisition costs
  • size/compactness of the emitters

When choosing, however, care should be taken to ensure that the radiators do not generate ozone. The mechanism of action of ozone (via hydrocarbons) is completely irrelevant to germs.

Suitable lamps are:

Which UV systems does Excelitas Noblelight offer for UV disinfection?

Excelitas Noblelight offers lamps and components for installation in your plant/individual solution, as well as complete systems.



How does Excelitas Noblelight help you choose the right lamp?

Our UV experts prove years of experience and know-how in the field of disinfection with UV.
We advise you on the right technology, the right design, all safety regulations and the appropriate lamp design.

Simply fill out our form. In this way we can submit a qualified offer to you very quickly. Unfortunately we are not able to sell our lamps and systems to private customers.

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