WEBINARS 2018: IR adapts to material during drying process and allows for contact-free deburring

Webinars 2018 @ Heraeus Noblelight

Industrial heating processes set a range of challenges. They must operate in-line and synchronise with production stages. In addition, energy usage must be as efficient as possible.

Infrared emitters and systems from Heraeus meet all these requirements. This year’s webinars have provided examples to show infrared in various applications.

The webinar „Contact-free deburring with infrared radiation", was held in June. It demonstrated that sharp burrs can be removed in an easy and inexpensive manner using IR radiation. Find out how this works exactly and which materials are best suited for this process by ordering the handout.

In November we had our second webinar, titled „IR adapts to the material properties during drying process“. The webinar provided examples of how to succeed in drying coatings on challenging materials such as thin foils and shiny metal parts with the help of gas catalytic and electrical infrared systems.

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