NEW: black.infrared, Infradry and much more!

Heraeus Noblelight launched new products this year to provide optimal solutions for ever-changing processes.

New infrared emitters from Heraeus Noblelight

There are countless industrial manufacturing processes that require heat. The demands are constantly increasing:

  • faster
  • cost saving
  • energy saving
  • space saving

We continuously adapt our infrared emitters and infrared systems and develop new concepts.

Our latest innovations:

Infradry: High performance dryer module for water-based inks and coatings.

Infradry modules combine IR radiation and air management very efficient. Intensive infrared heat with controlled air introduction and extraction ensures effective drying.

More about Infradry

black.infrared: A revolution for high purity heat processes.

The first infrared emitter that transmits the useful IR medium wavelengths with high power, enabling very homogeneous heat processes also under high-purity vacuum conditions.

More about black.infrared

Spotlight infrared emitters: ideal for processes such as deburring, welding or riveting.

Heraeus has developed special emitters for industrial processes in which very small surfaces, edges or contours have to be heated. They all have in common that their shape, size and spectrum are adjusted to the desired process.

More about Spotlight infrared emitters

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