Webinar: Infrared boosters improve your production plant

Webinar from Heraeus Noblelight

In industrial manufacturing a variety of heat processes are needed. If the output of an existing plant is to be increased or an old plant limits the production speed, many plant operators are faced with a problem. A new system is expensive and often there is not enough space to expand the existing system.

Infrared boosters are the solution. They can be quickly and easily integrated into an existing system and optimize processes wherever heat is needed. This saves time, space and energy with infrared systems.

What exactly is an infrared booster? How can it be optimally used and which processes benefit in particular? All of these questions will be answered in our webinar.

Infrared module helps with pre-drying bumpers at Honda
Bumpers are painted with three coats. First a prime coat is applied, which is flashed off in a warm air oven before being cooled. A base coat, which includes the colour pigment, is then sprayed applied and dried before being cooled for the final stage, which is the application of a top clear coat. The bumper is then passed through a settling zone before being finally dried in a third hot air oven. Honda decided to investigate the possibility of pre-drying the base coat before it entered the hot air drying oven. A tunnel oven was installed immediately before the base coat drying oven. The emitters are arranged within the tunnel to provide optimum heating density for fast and efficient drying.

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“Infrared boosters improve your production plant”
Tuesday, 7th May 2019
10 am – 11am CET
Please note that the webinar will be held in German!

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