Infrared heat for automotive equipment

Infrared heat for automotive equipment

Many parts of automotive equipment require controlled heating during production.

It is the basic equipment of a car : An airbag that opens in case of emergency, a low-noise driver's cab, a well-functioning cooling or heating system. To ensure this in a car, dashboards are molded from plastic panels, provided with noise insulation, and connected to ventilation ducts and airbag shot channels.

  • Infrared emitters solve all the heating processes that are needed because they can be precisely matched to the different materials and shapes.
  • If the infrared emitters are exactly matched to the coating, the drying process is much more energy-efficient
  • Infrared radiation transfers energy without contact and generates heat where it is needed without unnecessarily warming the environment.

Advantages of infrared radiation:

  • Infrared radiation is transmitted without contact and ideally suited for heat processes in vacuum
  • Infrared heaters with response times of a few seconds are easy to control. Quick on- and off-times help to automatize and save energy

Take a look at Heraeus' wide range of application areas!

Drying of coatings in a fast and efficient manner

Manufacture and fitting of car windows and side-view mirrors

Deburring of steering wheels, airbag housings and gloveboxes

Welding of ventilation pipes or containers for brake fluid

Molding, laminating and glueing of interior trims

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