CAE Technology from Heraeus Noblelight @ National Composites Center

CAE Technology from Heraeus Noblelight at National Composites Center

The National Composites Centre (NCC) in Bristol (UK) is using sophisticated Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) technology from Heraeus Noblelight to optimise the thermal input and control, necessary for selected composite pre-preg lay-up operations. CAE has been extensively employed to determine the precise positioning of infrared modules during laying up of pre-preg material.

The NCC is a world-leading authority on composites . For selected composite applications it is important to maintain uniform and precise application of heat to the pre-preg layers – this enables optimised deposition that is necessary for high integrity composite structures.

CAE simulation instead of trial and error

The NCC has engaged Heraeus, who use simulation and CAE, featuring ray tracing and Computational Fluid to describe and understand the behaviour of complex systems using mathematical models, programs and computers. Heraeus carried out a reflection measurement of the composite to establish the material property, created wireframe representations and simulated the irradiance at all points on the product surface with ray tracing. Thus, a concept was developed for the target area, which ensures the required homogeneity with a minimum of used emitters.

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