NEW: Storybook - Infrared Heat for Metal Processing

Storybook - Infrared heat for metal processing

Precise heat improves processes

Infrared emitters are precisely adjusted to the product and process. This is important because the properties of the products have a major influence on the heating. Flat sheets or solid blocks heat up at different rates. High-gloss metals reflect very strongly, while dark surfaces absorb the heat very well. Medium-wave emitters dry faster on the surface, while short-wave emitters penetrate deeper. Exactly matched infrared emitters save time, space and energy.

Infrared heat is suitable for a wide range of applications in the metal industry, including drying and curing of powder coatings, for preheating or as an energy-saving method during the reflow process.

No problem with special and challenging applications

Infrared is ideal for special applications thanks to its flexibility and precision. Infrared systems are compact, require little space and can therefore be easily integrated into existing productions. Production processes do not need to be changed or production rebuilt. Another highlight of infrared is its precision. Infrared can be adjusted so precisely that coatings on the inside of metal containers can exactly be dried and cured, through the metal container.

Click through our new storybook and learn more about the possibilities concerning infrared heat in metal processing ..

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