Infrared heat speeds up curing process

Infrared heat speeds up curing process

Heraeus Noblelight helps one of the largest food specialists in Europe

Westmill Foods manufactures and supplies authentic ethnic food to Asian and Caribbean restaurants and take-aways. An important part of their operation is the filling, sealing and delivering of containers filled with liquids, such as sauces and edible oils. In an effort to speed up and automate container filling and especially the curing process, PCE asked Heraeus Noblelight to carry out tests at Westmill. These tests proved successful and, as a result, a 75 kW fast response infrared heating system was incorporated in the new automated production line.

Thanks to medium-wave infrared radiation , Heraeus has reduced the curing time for food packaging from two days to just one hour. This saves not only time, but also valuable storage space.

Advantages of infrared heat:

  • Environmentally friendly curing
  • Space savings and cleaner working environment
  • Automated Production Line
  • Savings of curing time

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