Infrared Safety Glasses

Infrared protection level 5.0 Flip-Up Lenses Safety Glasses


  • Visible light transmission = 2%
  • UV Absorption => 99.9%
  • IR Absorption => 97.5%
  • Color = Dark Green

Classic flip-up style offers versatility for workers in unique environments. These flip-up lenses allow for easy switching between clear and tinted lenses. The side shields provide extra protection against flying particles. The lenses are composed of impact resistant polycarbonate, and feature a scratch resistant hard coat for a longer life.

Lens Color: IR 5.0/ Dark green - Protects against harmful UV and IR radiation in applications using high output infrared lamps; IR5.0 provides heavy protection (see chart below).

Compliance: Meets ANSI Z87+ standards.

NOTE: These lenses should be used solely for infrared heating applications to supervise and monitor work process or for maintenance evaluation. These lenses should NOT be used as general purpose sunglasses.