Custom design infrared heaters

Heraeus Noblelight applies infrared technology in specific ways to meet the demands of your unique and demanding application. We offer eight distinct configurations of our modular systems, and work closely with customers to develop custom systems when needed. One of many object examples of our commitment to custom solutions can be found in our contour heaters.

Heraeus offers a full line of dedicated power control systems (in standard and custom designs) to give precise control of infrared systems. And we offer a full range of technology, from add-on components for our modular systems to control components (SCRs, optical pyrometers, digital controllers) and even accessories like safety glasses and hook-up wire.

At Heraeus we are dedicated to developing a complete solution for your process heating challenge. Advantages of custom infrared systems for the customer include:

  • cutting-edge heating technology
  • optimal utilization of heater capabilities
  • flexible and modular solutions
  • short project times
  • global support team