Gold Reflector

Golden twin tube

Gold Reflector for Targeted Heat

Gold is being used as reflector material for infrared heat lamps because gold offers the highest reflectivity of any material in the infrared spectrum. A thin layer of gold directly on the back side of the quartzglass tube forms an industrial mirror. A precisely designed curvature of the gold redirects infrared radiation into a unique and consistent pattern for the products to be heated.

Because the gold is on the back side (opposite the target of the heating) of the infrared heater, and the reflection takes place between the glass and the gold on the inside of the heater, cleaning is not necessary for optimal reflectivity. Other manufacturers' heaters use mechanical secondary reflectors that require cleaning (and that don't provide the targeted heat properties of Heraeus infrared lamps).

Low heat loss, elimination of stray radiation and gold's high efficiency in reflection all come together to provide effective, targeted heating. Heraeus lamp design is a sign of competence, expertise and quality in infrared heating.