Nano QRC Reflector

QRC infrared heater

Many sensitive heating processes run faster, more efficiently and with greater stability using infrared heaters equipped with the QRC® Nano reflector. Designed to help target infrared radiation directly where it is needed, the new QRC® reflector from Heraeus Noblelight takes technology a step further: unlike conventional reflectors, it is nearly metal free.

Instead, the QRC® (quartz reflective coating) Nano reflector consists of high purity synthetic quartz material, with which the quartz glass tube is coated. As a result, the heater lamp is very compact and requires very little working space.

The quartz reflector offers excellent heat resistance and is also resistant to acids, alkalies and other aggressive substances. Consequently, heaters with this reflector can be used even in manufacturing processes where the manufacturing plant requires regular cleaning with corrosive cleaning agents.

Application areas

  • Operating in vacuum
  • High Temperature Processes
  • Processes with acids, alkalies or other aggressive chemical substances

Technical data

  • Wavelengths: short wave to medium wave
  • Maximum power: 80W / cm
  • Electrical connections: one side or two side
  • Reflectivity: Image below shows typical radiation distribution of a QRC® heater

Material properties

Due to the nano-porosity of QRC® (Quartz Reflexive Coating), it experiences very high light scattering in the ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR) spectral region. This makes the QRC® ideal for use as a diffuse reflector.

  • Density ~ 1.75 g / cm3

Acid resistance at 20°C:

  • hydrofluoric acid [HF 10%]: non-resistant (degradation: 7 wt. % after 1 h)
  • hydrofluoric acid [HF 40%]: non-resistant (degradation: 27 wt. % after 1 h)
  • hydrochloric acid [HCl 32%]: resistant
  • sulphuric acid [H2SO4 96%]: resistant
  • nitrohydrochloric acid [HCl / HNO3] : resistant