Quartz Glass


Heraeus Noblelight uses only high quality, pure quartz glass in the manufacture of its infrared heaters. Quartz glass offers a number of important and critical benefits necessary for effective, efficient process heating:

  • high transmission of infrared radiation
  • high resistance to thermal shock
  • excellent high temperature properties
  • low thermal expansion
  • chemical purity
  • chemical resistance
  • low hysteresis (lag in response time)
Fused silicia thermal

The graph illustrates thermal data for fused silica (quartz glass). The red line represents change in length of a 1m long rod composed of transparent fused silica, as a function of temperature.

  • Maximum working temperature, continuous: 1100 °C
  • Maximum working temperature, short term: 1300 °C
  • Softening point: 1730 °C