Single Tube Design

Single tube heater

The economical and powerful shortwave single tube design of selected heaters from Heraeus is suited for situations requiring high temperatures in the shortest possible time.

Performance Advantages

  • High radiation density in a small area
  • Optimized reflection thanks to back-mounted gold reflector: increasing output and saving energy
  • Practically no heating-up and cooling-down times
  • Economical
  • Heated lengths up to 40"
  • Stock, Custom and OEM sizes
  • High service life
  • High power densities

Economical and Powerful Heaters

Heraeus single-tube NIR lamps produce heat in the same way that a light bulb produces light. Featuring standard heater configuration designs, they can be easily interchanged. Equipped with the original Heraeus gold reflector, the heaters operate at a significantly higher efficiency than conventional lamps.