Twin Tube Design

Twin Tube Infrared Lamp

The presence of the Golden 8 quartz twin tube is a reliable sign of competence, expertise and quality in infrared heating. The starting point for effective solutions in heating processes, the patented Golden 8 quartz twin tube is the basis of all Heraeus Noblelight twin tube infrared heaters. Heraeus Golden 8 infrared heaters (infrared lamps) are made with high-quality quartz tubes and gold reflectors for the highest efficiency.

The unique Heraeus Twin Tube design (the Golden 8) provides high radiation power and very good mechanical stability to your heating application. Twin-tube heaters are available from Heraeus in custom and standard configurations in lengths up to 6.5m. Heraeus Golden 8 infrared heaters are available in short wave, medium wave, or fast response medium wave versions. This wide array allows you the possibility to select the optimal wavelength for the material to be heated. Dimensions and filaments of the infrared heaters are matched to your specific requirements.

The unique gold reflector is a critical feature of the Golden 8 infrared heaters. It allows direct, targeted heating of the product. The gold coating on the infrared heater reflects the infrared radiation. Consequently the infrared radiation impinging on the product is virtually doubled.


  • High-purity quartz glass for good transmission and heat resistance
  • Tungsten filament, available for different wavelengths
  • Robust ceramics end connector
  • Gold reflector for directed heat and high efficiency
  • Twin quartz tube (the Golden 8) for higher stability and double power, available in different lengths

Technical data

Medium-wave Twin Tube Heater Medium-wave Fast Response Twin Tube Heater Short-wave Twin Tube Heater
Power density 18 / 20 / 25 W/cm 80 W/cm ≤ 200 W/cm
Max. heated length 1500 / 2000 / 6500 mm 6400 / 2400 mm 6400 / 2400 mm
Cross section 18x8 / 22x10 / 33x15 mm 34x14 / 23x11 mm 34x14 / 23x11 mm
Filament temperature 800° - 950°C 1400° - 1800°C 1800° - 2400°C
Peak wavelength 2.4 - 2.7 µm > 1.4 µm 1.0 - 1.4 µm
Maximum power 60 kW / m2 150 kW / m2 200 kW / m2
Response time 1 - 4 min. 1- sec. 1 sec.