Hybrid Carbon/Shortwave

Ultrapure water infrared heater

Ultrapure Water Infrared heaters provides rapid and efficient heating of liquids without any possibility of contamination. The innovative design of this heater makes it ideal for handling sensitive process liquids (such as ultra-pure water and acids) used in semiconductor manufacture.

The new heater consists of a Heraeus twin tube IR heater, enclosed by a larger tube with an internal gold coating. Both the twin tube and the enclosing tube are manufactured from high purity quartz glass. The liquid to be heated is passed through the enclosing tube so that it is in contact only with the quartz glass of the two tubes. When the heater is switched on, the heat is transmitted directly through the fluid to the gold coating and reflected back into the fluid. As a result, heating efficiencies of more than 95% can be attained.

Infrared Heat for Ultra Pure Water

The tube-in-tube, space-saving construction of the new heater allows great structural stability and the unit is suitable for fitting in-line, unlike conventional heaters which provide off-line heating. Installation is simple, as the only connections required are those for the liquid and the electrical supply and these can be one-sided if required.


  • maximum heating of water by radiation
  • energy efficient
  • low heat transfer through the heater tube (no boiling)
  • maximum emission between 900 µm and 1400 µm
  • good transmissivity of water and sufficient absorption
  • Tungsten at 2000 °C filament temperature
  • sufficient power
  • optimum emission spectrum
  • low convective heat transfer
  • no wasted power at short wavelengths
  • No Halogen
  • halogen cycle breaks down at cold walls
  • halogen heaters waste power at short wavelengths
  • Gold Coating
  • long path-lengths for short wavelengths
  • maximum IR reflectivity
  • no contamination of fluid
  • Space saving design
  • easy installation, only power and fluid connection
  • lifetime 5000 hrs.
  • designs, lengths to your specifications