Medium Wave Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters are matched to different requirements by the correct selection of wavelength. Short wave heaters offer excellent depth of penetration while medium wave heaters rapidly heat the surface and thin layers and feature very high absorption by water films. Medium wave heaters are particularly suitable for drying processes. and similar applications.
They can realize energy savings of over 50% when compared with short wave heaters.

Medium Wave Infrared Heaters

Plastics, water and other solvents absorb medium wave radiation especially well. The use of medium wave infrared heaters helps in the effective drying of paints and lacquers and in the economical processing of plastic foils and sheet. Because of their long life, these heaters are best suited for continuous process. Surface films and very thin materials are heated up extremely efficiently.
Medium wave infrared heaters are manufactured as twin tubes in three different tube formats and in any required length up to 20 feet.
Twin tube heaters distinguish themselves by their high stability and power density. In addition, because of Heraeus's renowned gold coating, the radiation is precisely directed and the efficiency significantly increased. The heaters can be manufactured in various designs and dimensions to suit all geometrical requirements.

Product data

Wavelength Medium Wave Infrared Heater
  • Twin tube heaters of various tube format 18x8 mm, 22x10 mm, 33x15 mm
  • Filament temperature 800 - 950°C
  • Peak wavelength 2.4 - 2.7 µm
  • Maximum current 8/10/20/A, according to tube format
  • Mean power density 16/20/25 W/cm according to tube format
  • Maximum surface power 50 kW/m2
  • Standard heaters are designed for horizontal operation, and are modified for vertical operation.
  • Heaters are available in various designs and can be one-side or two-side connected.
  • A gold coating of the heater ensures that the effective radiation is virtually doubled.
  • Standard, custom and OEM models available

Short wave infrared radiation has a particularly high heating power. The radiation penetrates into the object to be heated and provides for very effective heating in the material.
Short wave infrared heaters are particularly suited for processes which need to be stopped and started very quickly, as they achieve their full operating efficiency within seconds.
Infrared heaters are produced in proven and especially stable twin tube format. Twin tube heaters distinguish themselves by high radiation density and high power intensity.
A gold reflector, applied directly to the heater, directs the infrared radiation onto the object to be heated. The efficiency compared with standard secondary reflectors is significantly improved. Short wave infrared heaters are manufactured with heated lengths between 1 inch and 120 inches. Various designs guarantee a flexible matching of the heater with the manufacturing process.