Short Wave Twin Tube

Short wave infrared heaters

Short wave infrared radiation has high heating power. Short wave lamps are particularly well-suited for processes that require quick start-up and shut-off, since they achieve their full operating efficiency within seconds. Heraeus Noblelight has designed infrared heaters in the highly stable and application-proven twin tube format.

Twin tube lamps are notable for their high radiation density and high power intensity. A gold reflector (using Heraeus's patented "Figure 8" technology), fitted directly to the emitter, directs the infrared radiation onto the object to be heated. The result exhibits greatly improved efficiency compared to plate reflectors.

Product data

Wavelength short wave infrared heater
  • High radiation density in the most compact space up to 150 kW/m2 (100W/in2) output, low space requirements
  • Practically no heating-up and cooling down times
  • Good depth of radiation penetration into the material
  • Optimized reflection thanks to backmounted gold reflector: enhancing output and saving energy
  • Heated lengths from 1 inch up to 120 inches
  • Infinitely adjustable fast-reaction control
  • Stock, custom and OEM sizes
  • Linear power up to 400 Watts per inch
  • Twin tube heaters, tube format 23 x 11 mm
  • Filament temperature 1800 - 2200 °C
  • Peak wavelengths 0.9 - 1.6 µm
  • Standard heaters are designed for horizontal operation. The heaters are modified for vertical operation
  • Heaters are available in different designs and can be one-side or two-side connected
  • A gold coating of the heater ensures that the effective radiation is virtually doubled