A message from our President: Global price increase reflecting sharp increase in input costs

As a reaction to sharply increasing material costs, Heraeus Noblelight will need to increase prices on a broad basis. Our sales representatives will be in touch with customers to share and agree revised pricing in the next weeks. This is not a decision we take lightly. Forming long-lasting technology partnerships is at the heart of what Heraeus Noblelight stands for and we aim to provide stability and reliability in every sense. Yet, we cannot ignore the extreme and unforeseen increase in our costs. We chose to make a public statement to inform our customers of this decision as early as possible.

Like many of our customers and suppliers, we are impacted by material shortages and rising input costs. Consumer price inflation in January in the US was at 7.5% i.e. a 30 year high, producer prices are up by 10% on average and many of our key inputs are at multiples of that (e.g. Energy at 30%, Materials at up to 20%) – no place in the company is exempt from this unforeseen and (recently) unprecedented cost increase. We have absorbed cost increases and are working with suppliers to mitigate a further increase, but we have reached the point where we need to pass a larger portion of the cost increase on to our customers.

Roland Eckl, CEO and President of Heraeus Noblelight