Gas-catalytic infrared systems from a single source

Powder coatings on metal, wood, gypsum or MDF boards profit from gas-catalytic infrared heat. Alone, as a booster or in combination with hot-air or electrical infrared ovens: gas-catalytic infrared systems optimise heat processes. They are a real alternative, especially if there already is a gas supply installation.

It's worthwhile to talk to the application specialist right from the outset – for your new plant or to optimise your existing heat process!

  • Plant concept design
  • Realistic tests
  • Design
  • Construction of complete oven systems, including control system and conveyor system – application engineering on request
  • Assembly, installation and commissioning on site
  • Service and maintenance on site

Take a look at the video to find out how gas catalytic infrared systems work and which advantages they offer compared to coventional infrared systems.

See for yourself what can be done with gas-catalytic systems.
Some application examples

Coating of MDF kitchen fronts

Gas-catalytic MDF powdercoat

The Belgian company Kempa Products supplies kitchen fronts exactly to customer specifications in batches from one upwards. This is an additional challenge to the powder coating process as the drying oven must be flexible enough to meet all situations.
Since the beginning of this year, a Heraeus gas-catalytic oven has been in use at Kempa for these essential, flexible heat processes.

Powder coating on wood products

Gas catalytic IR technology powder coating

Climate Coating Ltd. of New Zealand has developed an innovative method for the powder coating of plywood, MDF and gypsum cardboard surfaces.
A Heraeus gas-catalytic infrared oven is an essential component of the new method.

Rim reconditioning

Infrared powder coating rims

Snider Fleet Solutions of Greensboro, USA, are operating a plant for the reconditioning of car and truck rims and wheels. They run a powder coating line for priming and painting rims and wheels. Heraeus engineers planned the infrared system based on the requirements regarding materials, production speed, loading times and product sizes and installed both a curing oven and a gelling oven.

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