Application Center for Gas Catalytic IR

From material testing to solution development for gas catalytic IR technology

Curing of powder coating, drying of wet coating, forming of plastics – innumerable industrial production processes require heat. Rapid heating and low space requirements make infrared systems attractive as sources of heat.
Application test centers for gas catalytic infrared technology can help to find the best solution.

Materials Testing

material testing

Heraeus has set up Application Competence Centers around the world to test customer applications. Under laboratory conditions, your individual process can be simulated and your specific materials can be examined.

  • Can I optimize my process with infrared radiation?
  • How does my material behave?
  • Which emitters are best suited for my process?
  • How do they have to be dimensioned?
  • How can they be integrated into my production process?

Proof of Concept

proof of concept

Following successful trials, your process can be tested with samples or a pilot line at your production plant. This can give you certainty about the scaling to your production processes.

Solution Development

solution development

After the proof of concept we can help to develop the full size solution. Adjustment to your product and process require a well thought-out plant concept.

  • Development of complete solutions, including peripheral devices
  • Assembly, installation and commissioning on site
  • Service and maintenance on site