Accessories and replacement parts for UV products

Heraeus offers the matching accessories and replacement parts in addition to UV products UV solutions.
We give you advice as to selection!

Protective tubes made of quartz glass

Quartz glass tubes

can be used for electric insulation in water and for thermal insulation. The use of protective tubes enables easy cleaning of the UV lamps. Heraeus offers protective tubes made of quartz glass for all lamps and will be happy to give you advice as to selection.

Quartz glass panes with breakage detector

guarantee the safety of your plant and be installed into our UV modules as an option.

Light shield for wire and cable curing systems

Model C10T1 for 10-inch lamp modules

The Model C6 and C10 light shields attach to the lamp systems to provide a complete high efficiency UV curing system for coatings or marking on wire or cable.
They are ideal for use with high speed inkjet marking of cable jacketing.

Light shield for glass fiber

Light shield F10T2

The F10T2 houses the secondary elliptical reflector. When attached, the optics of a full elliptical system are achieved.
The electrodeless bulb is located at the primary focus (in the irradiator), and the product runs through the secondary focus.

  • A fixed skirt provides additional light shielding and end fittings for the quartz tube, which remains in place when the F10T2 is detached
  • A 10" quartz tube may easily be removed from the front
  • The fixed quartz tube allows observation of the product in place, condition of quartz tube, and reflector

Mounting clamps and spring supports

Mounting clamps and spring supports

secure elastic retention of the lamp. Heraeus will be happy to inform you which holders are suitable.

Individual electrical connections

Electrical connections for UV lamps

A large number of base designs and adjusted lamp lengths enable the production of tailor-made UV lamps.

Electronic ballasts

Electronic ballasts

An electronic ballast has various advantages over coils:

  • Excellent efficiency
  • Variable power setting
  • Constant lamp current even if mains voltage fluctuates
  • Increased lamp efficiency due to high-frequency operation
  • Preheating of the filament prolongs the service life of the electrode
  • High-frequency operation prolongs the service life of the lamp
  • Online lamp control
  • Low heat dissipation
  • Flexible use for various lamp types

Replacement lamp inserts for digital printers

Replacement lamp inserts for digital printers

A all-in-one solution with an insert for lamp replacement and replacement quartz glass plates, allowing the customer to replace the entire optical system in the lamp head, at costs of little more than that of a replacement lamp.

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