Amalgam UV lamps for disinfection and oxidation

Long-life amalgam lamps are extremely long-living high performance low-pressure lamps.
They provide up to ten times the UV power density of conventional low-pressure mercury lamps and can be used even at high ambient temperatures of up to 90°C.
Moreover, amalgam lamps are insensitive to temperature fluctuation.

Amalgam UV lamp

Unique long-life coating
The unique coating prevents the unwanted loss of transmission of the quartz glass which occurs in conventional UV lamps and keeps UV output at a continuously high level.

While the UV output of an uncoated UV lamp drops to 50% already after 8,000 hours of operation, amalgam lamps with long-life coating provide up to 90% of the UVC output even after 16,000 hours of operation (see diagram).

The result is an almost constant disinfection effect over the entire life of the lamp and the associated energy saving, reduced maintenance requirements and shorter servicing intervals.

Your advantages

  • Use at high ambient temperatures of up to 90°C
  • Insensitive to temperature fluctuation
  • Energy-saving
  • Low-cost alternative to medium-pressure lamps
  • Highest power density for low-pressure lamps
  • Generate just very little heat themselves
  • Potential for saving as to number of lamps, system components and servicing intervals

Typical lifetime diagram of UV amalgam lamps

Comparison of technical data of UV amalgam lamps

Ozone-free Ozone-generating
Spectrum: Wavelength 254 nm 185 nm, 254 nm
Arc length 25 – 150 cm 25 – 150 cm
Electrical power 50 – 800 W 50 – 800 W
Typical UV efficiency
at 254 nm
35% 35%
Typical efficiency
at 185 nm,
natural quartz glass
approx. 6%
Typical efficiency
at 185 nm,
synthetic quartz glass
approx. 9%
Specific UVC flux 0.5 –2 W/cm 0.5 –2 W/cm
Service life 15,000 h
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