Custom flat line conveyor UV curing systems

Noblelight designs and constructs flat line conveyor UV curing systems that can transport sheets, small parts, circuit boards, flat glass or wood to cure printing, marking, coating, conformal coating or bonding.


  • Belt style or roller style
  • Any width, enabled by modular lamps
  • One or multiple rows of lamps
  • Accommodate a range of part heights (“2½-D”)
  • Conveyor belt options such as:
    o Open weave or tight weave Fiberglass/ or Kevlar/Teflon
    o Non-conductive
    o Stainless steel mesh
  • Full-width rollers or “doughnut” style to accommodate any products
  • Controls can be integrated with mating machines
  • Wide variety of variable speed, digital control and readout
  • Nitrogen curing atmosphere designs to 50 ppm oxygen
  • Adjustable lamp distance to work – manual or motorized
  • Floor-standing or bench models
  • Clean-room operation available