Custom UV curing systems for converting lines

Noblelight has extensive experience designing and constructing systems for curing UV coatings on paper, film, and foil on continuous narrow and wide web converting production lines.


  • Engineered UV curing available in single or multiple row configurations with unlimited widths.
  • Lamp focal height adjustment available for greater process flexibility.
  • Sealed optical grade quartz trays available for isolation of lamp cooling air from product. Includes quick release lockdown system for easy installation/removal.
  • Light shielding with integrated cooling air plenums
  • Nitrogen-inerted systems available to achieve cure chamber oxygen levels down to 50ppm.
  • Purged & pressurized systems available for installation in clean rooms and hazardous environments as defined by NFPA 496 & 497.
  • Idler or tendency-driven rolls available to aid in web handling through UV processor
  • Water-cooled chill roll systems available for heat-sensitive webs.
  • Pneumatic or Motorized lift systems available to facilitate maintenance access into cure chamber.
  • Materials / finishes per customer requirements, and typically include UV-resistant powder-coated steel or stainless steel.