Real-time performance monitoring for Smart UV Curing systems in the age of Industry 4.0

For use with LightHammer® Mark II and Mark III UV curing systems, the Advanced Intelligent Monitoring System (AIMS®) software, enables manufacturers to monitor their UV curing system performance in real-time and embrace Industry 4.0.

AIMS software

The AIMS software application provides real-time UV system performance monitoring and data acquisition of important operating parameters depending on the LightHammer system it is monitoring. Using the AIMS software, operators and process engineers can view and monitor operating data in real time on a PC using different dashboard formats. If desired, the system can send alerts and notifications via email. Operators and maintenance personnel can track maintenance schedules for consumable parts to improve maintenance planning. The AIMS software can monitor up to 30 LightHammer® 10 Mark II and Mark III UV curing systems.

AIMS Cycle

Your Advantages:

  • Easily monitor production in real time, to improve product quality and production rates
  • Depending on your IT infrastructure, gain remote access and make comparisons across multiple plants to improve operations
  • Enhanced preventive maintenance via proactive alerts and notifications
  • Reduced downtime and scrap rates
  • Lower total cost of ownership