Soluva® Air V

Permanently installed system for air disinfection in ventiliation systems

Local and long-distance public transportation is considered a place of comparatively high risk infection: In buses, trains and similar means of transport, many people come together in relatively small spaces, often over a longer period. Ideal conditions for virus transmission.

Soluva® Air V

Protect your passengers reliably

There is a reliable solution to protect your passengers and employees: disinfection with UV light. The advantages: UV disinfection is highly efficient, provides fast results, and is dry and chemical free. It is also low-maintenance and easy to install.

UV light has been used for years to disinfect surfaces, air and water - for example to disinfect drinking water and the packaging of sensitive products such as baby food. Singapore airport uses UV lamps to keep the air clean and protect against germs. The DNA of the microorganisms absorbs the UV light which then destroys the cell structure.

Heraeus Noblelight, the inventor of the UV lamp, has many years of experience with disinfection solutions. We recently developed a disinfection product which offers an ideal solution for public transportation: Soluva® Air V.

Permanently installed into your transportation ventilation system, this sterilization solution disinfects 3000 m³/h air. You can use it with either an existing ventilation system, or we can design a custom-fit solution for circulating air inside your transportation vehicle.

As the first city in Germany: Hanau buses run with UV-C air purifiers from Heraeus

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The best solution for your requirements with Heraeus simulation tool

Larisa von Riewel

For effective air disinfection it is crucial to design the UV solution exactly to your specific ventilation systems. Important parameters include the air flow, materials, cross section and radiator arrangement in the duct, and the air temperature and humidity. Our UV experts developed a simulation tool that factors in these parameters to precisely tailor a system to your required disinfection capacity and level of safety.

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Scientific Proof University Hospital of Tübingen

Study proves: Soluva devices from Heraeus Noblelight kill SARS-CoV-2

A new study conducted by the University Hospital of Tübingen in cooperation with Heraeus Noblelight confirms that UV light is also able to render the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the pathogen causing the COVID pandemic, harmless. The surface disinfection was tested with two Heraeus products from the Soluva range. What is unique about the study is that it was not tested with similar viruses, but actually with the real pathogen. The result: 99.99% inactivation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Read complete study here.


  • Buses, subways and trains
  • Cruise ships
  • Airplanes

Your advantages at a glance

  • Safe and reliable disinfection (up to 3.000m3/h))
  • Proven efficient protection for passengers and employees (viruses cannot build up resistance to UV light)
  • Immediately ready for use after each start (also in hot or cold weather)
  • Operation via the on-board power supply, continuous operation even while driving
  • Customized systems for your individual conditions
  • Easy retrofitting possible
  • Long service life: use of the most efficient low-pressure amalgam lamps
  • Environmentally friendly & chemical free

Technical Data

Example: Installation in a city bus

  • Number of installed air channels: 4
  • Air disinfection capacity: 4,000 m³/h
  • Electrical power: 4 x 100 W
  • Optical performance: 4 x 37 W
  • Applied Voltage: 24V
  • Service life: 12,000 h
  • CE compliant device

Success Stories of our Disinfection Products

Soluva UV Handheld Solution in use

Where are the disinfection products used?

The disinfection products from Heraeus are part of many success stories.

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Technical Service

We not just sell lamps but work closely with our customers to optimise their applications and our products. We support customers with the development of their production processes, implementation at the production plant and maintenance and repair.