Simply more performance

Optical concepts to lower down UV losses and improve efficiency

Special optical concepts ensure maximum UV output at different working distances. You get optimal UV photon output and low divergence even at large working distances. In this way, more intensive UV light improves productivity – with the same amount of energy consumption!

How UV LED Optical concepts influence your curing process

no optics

No Optics

An LED chip is a not a spot source (different from a laser), but a surface emitting diode. Therefore the emitting light will spread at an angle of 120°. Processes that are run close to LEDs (0-20mm) will not be impacted by this, but the further a process moves away from the light source the stronger the effect of diffusion will become.

primary optics

Primary optics

To ensure an optimal process at different working distances, Noblelight developed various optical concepts to ensure an optimal outcome. To enable medium working distances (20-50mm), micro-optics that are positioned on each individual LED chip are used.
These small lenses focus the light forward, so instead of a diffusion angle of 120° an angle of 60° is reached. This way it can be assured that an optimum of photons reaches the process instead of being spread somewhere different, where they will not contribute to the process.

primary and secondary optics

Primary and secondary optics

Due to machine set-ups or engineering challenges some processes have to be run in long working distances. As mentioned before the diffusion will raise a challenge the further the process is away from the light source, resulting for instance in an inhomogeneous curing. Combing micro-optics with additional secondary optics Noblelight managed to shape a light path enabling high intensities at long working distances (50+mm).

Overview intensity distribution

“After all, it is not just the number of LED chips that defines a product, but it is crucial how much energy makes it onto the substrate. Heraues Noblelight uses various optical concepts in the UV LED products. These concepts focus UV radiation, thereby reducing stray light to a minimum. This ensures that more UV energy reaches the process. The results will show up clearly in your balance sheets: we deliver the dose needed at the customer process.”Dr. Jasmin Zahn, Senior Product Management for UV LEDs @Noblelight.