Welcome to the Heraeus Noblelight Infrared Application Test Center in America

Are you looking for the right radiation source for your process?
Find answers regarding your specific application at our test center in Buford, GA.

Infrared Application Test Center in Buford, GA
Hall of Infrared Application Test Center in Buford, GA

What are your benefits?

Use the opportunity and test the effectiveness of innovative infrared technology.

This may prevent expensive false investments and accelerate decisions.

If desired, we will also carry out the tests on-site in your specific environment.

Of course, we also offer equipment for rent. Our experts will be on hand with help and and advice for you at all times.

Heraeus Noblelight Gas Catalytic Infrared heat is flameless

Infrared heat transfers energy and generates heat where it is needed. PLC controlled gas catalytical infrared ovens are precisely designed to match the thermal process application. This saves energy, improves process stability and increases capacity and quality. The process time can be reduced by up to 66% and the required space by up to 50% when compared to conventional systems.

  • Customers can bring along their own parts and coatings for trials
  • Facility for powder or wet spray
  • Ability to handle parts up to 800mm wide x 1500mm high
  • Oven equipped with 16 gas catalytic panels
  • 20-100% regulation of gas over 8 independently controllable zones
  • Full temperature monitoring of substrate temperature via data logger
  • Engineering consultation
  • Combination trial possible with electric IR
Gascatalytic infrard systems of Heraeus Noblelight America

Benefits for the finishing industry:

  • Pre-heat or curing times are typically 1/3 of those required by a convection oven
  • Energy savings of up to 50%
  • Reduced footprint to free up valuable factory space
  • Minimal air movement within system eliminates contamination between different colour batches
  • No poisonous gasses (NOx or VOCs) produced
  • Flameless reaction resulting in production of water, CO2 and heat
  • Wavelength of gas catalytic infrared is ideally suited to the absorption characteristics

The technical possibilities:

We have the technical equipment and plant to meet the widest range of requirements to carry out tests on customer materials:

  • Modules and individual emitters from near infrared to medium wave radiation
  • Conveyor belts
  • Coating equipment to apply both wet and dry coatings
  • Computer-supported measuring systems
  • Evaluation and documentation

We find solutions for many application fields:

  • Germ reduction
  • Curing / Drying
  • Polymerisation
  • Surface modification
  • Activating adhesives
  • Heating / Melting / Forming
  • Deburring
  • Welding

Our application center serves the customer

  • Decades of experience with infrared heat
  • More than 3,000 filed tests
  • Application data base