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  •  Glossary of Terms – Find definitions of commonly used UV curing and process related terms
  • Explore the  UV Knowledge Corner – Educational articles, white papers about UV curing
  •  FAQs – The most frequently asked questions and answers about UV curing with UV LED technology


We can provide informal training about such topics as radiometry, depth of cure, optimal UV lamp to part orientation, equipment maintenance, etc. We often provide hands-on training during lab tests or line trials, during phone calls or web meetings. We also participate in workshops and seminars with UV industry raw material providers. Contact us to discuss your training needs and options.


UV curing
  • The Cure Ladder: A fundamental tool for design and analysis of a UV curing process
  • Getting on the right wavelength: How different variables affect crosslinking of inks by UV LEDs
  • Understanding optical thickness: Why it matters and how to measure it in the lab
  • UV Equipment Safety – RadTech North America
  • How to Specify UV Curing Process

Efficient UV formulations match the UV spectral output to the spectral absorption of the photoinitiator(s). Download our spectral output charts to optimize your formulation and help determine the best UV bulb or system for curing your formulation.

Bulb Spectra
Semray Spectral Output