UV Curing Industry and Applications Expertise

Put our extensive knowledge of industrial UV curing applications to work for you – inks, adhesives and coatings applications across every industry segment.

UV Curing industry

Understanding a specific industrial application for your UV formulation is key to commercial success. For nearly 50 years we’ve worked with end users and formulators to implement and improve industrial UV curing processes. Noblelight UV application experts have experience with nearly every UV curing process application imaginable.

Leverage our expertise to learn about:

  • Typical production rates and line speeds
  • Part handling, UV lamp type and orientation options
  • Possible line integration or machine builder partners
  • Existing ink, adhesive or coating application methods – spray, curtain coating, screen printing, dispensing, etc.
  • Typical UV formulations and curing processes already in commercial use, or the implementation challenges faced in previous commercialization efforts

We’ve helped develop UV processes for a wide variety of:

  • Formulations – inks, adhesives, coatings
  • Substrates – metal, wood, glass, plastic, paper, composites
  • Part handling – rotary indexing, flat line conveyors, hang line conveyors, roll-to-roll webs, and more
  • Parts – flexible films, flat sheets or panels, miniature components, three dimensional parts, linear tube and wires, and more
  • Industries – aerospace and automotive to electronics, medical, packaging, and more

"We’re working with end users to develop new UV curing processes, or to make improvements, every day across a wide range of manufacturing processes. As a result we’re able to bridge the knowledge gap many formulators have about specific end user applications. Formulators who leverage our expertise avoid missteps and can develop successful UV formulations faster.“
Dawn Skinner, UV Application Development Manager, Excelitas Noblelight