Prevention of microbial contamination and biofilm formation with AGXX®, a new antimicrobial catalyst

Authors: Dr. Marie-Lena Harwardt, Dr. Matthias Hoerteis, Heraeus Precious Metals – Antimicrobial Technologies and Dr. Carsten Meyer, Dr. Olaf Wagner, Largentec GmbH

Microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, can be found in abundant numbers in all parts of this planet. While microorganisms are crucial for the basic workings of life, they may also pose a threat to human or animal health. Fighting the spread of harmful microorganisms is one of the main challenges of our time. Ensuring supreme air and water quality by filtration is a crucial contribution to health protection in various fields, such as public transport, car sharing, water treatment, animal farming, or in public buildings. However, global health is endangered by the increasing development of bacterial resistances against antibiotics as well as common antimicrobial technologies.

AGXX is a new antimicrobial technology which is based on a catalytical reaction induced by an interaction of the two precious metals. In the presence of water and oxygen, reactive oxygen species (ROS) are generated which target all types of microorganisms by first destroying their outer membranes followed by organelles and DNA. The mechanism is based on a circular redox system meaning that AGXX is not consumed but regenerated continuously. Additionally, the occurrence of a microelectric field between the two precious metals further supports the antimicrobial effect.

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