HeraSelect® - Precious Metal Catalysts on Activated Carbon

Catalysts to speed up your business in chemical and biochemical processes

More than 80 percent of all reactions in the chemical industry are carried out with the help of catalysts. The Heraeus HeraSelect® portfolio is particularly designed for the hydrogenation of organic intermediates in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), fine and agro chemicals, flavor and fragrances as well as in the production of chemicals from renewable feedstocks.

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HeraSelect® Precious Metal Catalysts on Carbon - Product Portfolio

With products that meet the highest quality standards, Heraeus ensures continuous production processes at its customers and thus strengthens their competitiveness. Profit from a broad portfolio of Precious Metal Catalysts on Carbon.

Type PM Loading Quotation
HeraSelect® HS-100 5% Platinum  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-101 1% Platinum  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-102 1.5% Platinum  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-103 5% Platinum  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-105 3% Platinum  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-106 5% Platinum  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-107 10% Platinum  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-108 5% Platinum  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-109 5% Platinum  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-110 1% Platinum - 0,25% Iron  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-208 1% Platinum - 4% Palladium  Online available
Type PM Loading Quotation
HeraSelect® HS-200 - wet 5% Palladium  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-200 - dry 5% Palladium  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-201 - wet 5% Palladium  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-201 - dry 5% Palladium  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-202 - wet 5% Palladium  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-202 - dry 5% Palladium  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-203 10% Palladium  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-205 3% Palladium  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-206 5% Palladium  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-207 10% Palladium  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-208 4% Palladium - 1% Platinum  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-209 5% Palladium  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-210 5% Palladium  Online available
PM Loading Quotation
HeraSelect® HS-900 5% Ruthenium  Online available
HeraSelect® HS-901 10% Ruthenium  Online available

Impressive results can often be achieved with a standard catalyst product. Customer-specific solutions that go beyond a standard product require individualized catalyst optimization. In such cases, Heraeus works closely with its customers to develop tailor-made solutions. This involves testing and extensive characterization of the produced catalyst materials.

Activated Carbon as Catalyst Support

HeraSelect® - Precious Metal Catalysts on Activated Carbon

Its outstanding chemical and physical properties make activated carbon an ideal catalyst support. Carbon materials differ by origin (e.g. wood, peat, or coconut shell), as well as by pre-treatment method (e.g. steam activated, chemically activated, or for improved purity, acid-washed). The resulting surface chemical characteristics play an important role in the quality of the final catalyst.

HeraSelect® - Carbon Shapes

HeraSelect® - Precious Metal Catalysts on activated carbon are available on different carbon shapes

  • Powder
  • Strands
  • Pellets
  • Granules
  • (Micro-)Spheres
  • Trilobes
  • Others
HeraSelect® - Carbon materials
  • Wood
  • Nutshell
  • Peat
  • Others
  • High specific surface area (BET): 800 – 1500 m2/g
  • Bulk density: 250 – 500 g/L
  • Diverse pore structures
  • Huge adsorption capacity
  • Chemically stable under acidic conditions
  • Good filterability


  • Chemically: Phosphoric acid activated
  • Physically: Steam activated


  • Acid washed
  • Non-acid washed

Product Highlight: Polymer-Based Activated Carbon Microspheres

Polymer-based spherical activated carbon catalysts combine the advantages of a powder (very high BET surface area of approx. 1000 m²/g) with the positive properties of a stable bulk material (a high crushing strength). Carbon microsphere-based catalysts can be employed both in batch and continuous reactor operations.

Polymer-based Activated Carbon Microspheres
  • Up to 2.5 % precious metal loading (Pt or Pd)
  • PM surface area: 0.4 – 2.5 m2/g up to 3 m2/g
  • Different sizes between 300 – 600 μm
  • Bulk density: approx. 600 g/L
  • pV between 0.08 and 0.18
  • High crushing strength
  • BET surface area of approx. 1000 m2/g
  • Catalyst pH between 4 – 6

Applications of HeraSelect® - PM/C Catalysts

Each chemical reaction has its own chemical and physical constraints. The experts of Heraeus will help you in identifying, optimizing and developing catalysts that are suited to your particular conditions.

PM/C materials can catalyze a vast range of chemical reactions. The most important reactions, as well as appropriate catalysts, are shown in the following table:

Nitro and Nitroso Compounds Pt/C Pd/C Ru/C Rh/C
Aromatic nitro compounds to anilines
Halonitroaromatics to halogenated anilines
Nitroso compounds to anilines
Nitro compounds to hydroxylamines

Carbonyl Compunds Pt/C Pd/C Ru/C Rh/C
Ketones/aldehydes to alkanes
Ketones/aldehydes to alcohols

Aromatics Pt/C Pd/C Ru/C Rh/C
Ring hydrogenation
Aromatic ketones to alicyclic alcohols
Anilines to cyclohexanones

C–C Multiple Bonds Pt/C Pd/C Ru/C Rh/C
Alkenes to alkanes
Alkines to alkenes/alkanes
α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds

Nitriles Pt/C Pd/C Ru/C Rh/C
Nitriles to prim./sec./tert. amines
Aromatic nitriles to aldehydes

Imines and Oximes Pt/C Pd/C Ru/C Rh/C
Imines to amines
Oximes to amines

Oxidation and Dehalogenation Pt/C Pd/C Ru/C Rh/C
Alcohols to aldehydes and ketones
Dehalogenation X = Cl, Br, I

Application Examples: Properties of HeraSelect® Pd/C Catalysts

Precious Metal Surface Area of Pd/C Catalysts

Precious Metal Surface Area of HeraSelect Pd/C Catalysts
  • Carbon monoxide adsorbs only on the PM and not on the carbon support
  • The higher the PM surface area, the smaller are the PM particles on the carbon support

Influence of Pd Loading on Catalyst Activity

Dependence of PM Surface Area and Pd Loading of HeraSelect Catalyst

Linear dependence of catalyst activity on precious metal loading and surface area

Hydrogenation Activity of HeraSelect® Pd/C Catalysts

Hydrogenation Activity of HeraSelect Pd/C Catalysts
  • High activity in the hydrogenation of crotonic acid (CA) and nitrobenzene (NB)
  • Added Pt boosts the hydrogenation of nitrobenzene
  • Catalysts‘ respective hydrogenation activities depend on the substrate and the reaction conditions

Sample Kit - Finding the Right Catalyst

HeraSelect Sample Box

Heraeus has already built up a large portfolio of proprietary catalysts, tailored for various challenging catalytic reactions. To identify the best catalyst for your specific process, Heraeus offers catalyst sample kits.

There may already be a catalyst for your process. It can also form the basis for an improved tailor-made catalyst that is adapted to your requirements.

 Contact us for our sample kits.