The Fabulous World of Precious Colours - Golden Times for Decoration

Upgrades for products with precious metal decoration!

Products often achieve their competitive advantage with special details, designs and accents. Particularly the decoration with precious metals can turn trivial products into golden highlights. In this way a standard product could become a premium, or even a luxury product.

Golden Times for Decoration

Refining different kind of substrates and artwork with precious metal is a process which fascinated human beings since thousands of years. As a revolution for ceramics and glass decoration first at the end of the 19th century liquid gold was developed.

Liquid gold can be applied onto substrates like glass and ceramics via brush application and spraying, whereas gold pastes are applied onto the substrates via decal application, thermoplastic screen printing, direct screen printing, or lining.

Nowadays precious metal compounds are available in different colour shades like lemonish, yellow reddish, platinum, rosé or copper and gloss levels like bright gold, silk matt gold, burnish gold or powder gold. Also several decorating systems allow companies and artists creative decoration on tableware, cosmetic flakes, glasses, bottles and more.