Heraeus Low Temperature Gold®

The Heraeus Low Temperature Gold® is a new bright precious metal compound which can be used for brush and spray application as well as for direct screen printing. It could be fired at temperatures between 200°C/392°F and 250°C/482°F whereas classical compounds require firing temperatures of at least 500°C/932°F.

More opportunities for decoration

The low firing temperatures enable for the first time the combination of a precious metal compund with organic colours.

Upgrade of products with precious metal decoration

The Heraeus Low Temperature Gold® could also be used for the decoration of temperature sensitive substrates which enables the decoration of glass, aluminum, stainless steel and other substrates with bright gold. This provides completely new opportunities for decorators to refine and upgrade products.

Environmentally friendly decoration

As the Heraeus Low Temperature Gold® is based on wather instead of disolver nearly no polluting emissions arise during the application.

Heraeus Low Temperature Gold for Direct Screen Printing

Heraeus Low Temperature Gold for Spraying

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