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Heraeus points out that there are no business relationships with the companies Emgoldex / Global Intergold / Global iGold UK Ltd. neither in the past nor currently. Heraeus does not support the sales model of Emgoldex / Global Intergold / Global iGold UK Ltd. and is not involved in any way.

Retail customers can order Heraeus precious metal bars and selected coins comfortably from their homes at . A delivery address in Germany is required to do this. Also, Heraeus precious metal bars are sold by many banks and savings banks and via leading precious metal traders.

Heraeus Metallhandelsgesellschaft mbH, and it‘s sister companies throughout the world, does not purchase scrap metal for recycling. However, depending on the situation, there are departments at Heraeus that can help you.

Private persons

Unfortunately, Heraeus does not purchase scrap metal from private individuals.

Industrial customers

Our colleagues from the recycling department are at your disposal.

Contact them at the following e-mail address:


No. The genuineness of the bars cannot be verified by means of the serial number. However, the serial number links the bar to its certificate. All Heraeus gold bars have been delivered with a certificate since 2011.

Our precious metal prices are defined as follows:

The "unprocessed" price refers to precious metals in the form of ingots and granules for industrial customers.

The "processed" prices apply to the delivery of products that contain precious metals. Both additional financing expenditure and processing losses occur during the processing or production of products that contain precious metals.

The purchase price is used when precious metals are purchased. It applies to both deliveries of fine metals and the purchase of credit balances in precious metal accounts.

Please contact your nearest Heraeus Precious Metals Trading office for questions regarding your material.


The origin of the hand with the roses is the Heraeus family crest which Isaac Heraeus (apothecary, 1636 – 1676, born in Güstrow) created himself when he settled in Hanau at the end of his wanderings. The picture only shows a section of the actual family crest.


All gold, platinum and palladium bars produced since 2011 have serial numbers. However, there is some deviation from this for older bars; some of these do not have a serial number.

Our 1kg, 5kg and 15kg cast silver bars produced since 2014 carry a serial number.


Precious metal purchase is a matter of trust. Therefore, you should buy bars only from established suppliers. They guarantee the authenticity of the precious metals they sell. There are no special certificates for investment bars from Heraeus. However, the gold kinebars, which are available for weights of up to one ounce, are sealed in credit-card-size cards into which a certificate of authenticity is imprinted.


No. The London Metal Exchange is the world's most important exchange for base metals. Copper, aluminium, nickel, lead, zinc and tin are traded at the LME. Precious metals are traded in London only on the OTC (over the counter) market. Moreover, quasi-official fixing prices for precious metals are determined by a number of banks in London up to two times a day but these are likewise based on the OTC market.

So-called fixing prices for precious metals are determined in London once or twice a day, depending on the metal. The fixings are based on the market transaction prices at the time of the price fixing.