Silver bars

Silver bars

Depending on the bar size, silver bars may be minted or cast. The purity of all our silver bars is 99.99%. Minted bars from 1oz to 250g are delivered in blister cards without serial number. Cast bars from 250g to 5kg are sealed in plastic foil. 15kg bars are not packed.

Serial numbers are stamped on bar sizes from 1kg upwards. Certificates are not provided for either minted or cast bars.

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Cast silver bars from Heraeus (purity: 999.9)

Weight Length [mm] Width [mm] Thickness [mm]
250g 69.05 33.65 12.60
500 g 107 46.8 10
1,000 g 111 51 21
5,000 g 248
71 35
15,000 g 275 105 71

Minted silver bars from Heraeus (purity: 999.9)

Weight Length [mm] Width [mm] Thickness [mm]
1 oz 49.7 28.5 2.2
100 g 49.7 28.5 7
250 g 80 47 6.5

Source of processed metals

With a Code of Conduct that includes binding regulations and guidelines on the acceptance and processing of precious metals, the Heraeus Group has committed to high standards that apply to all employees. Accordingly, our bars are produced only from material that meets these standards. The standards apply to primary supply from mines as well as recycled material. For further details, see the Supplier Code of Conduct .