Heraeus Labware Recycling Programm

The recycling of your used precious metal laboratory products is a decisive factor in purchasing new products. A large part of the purchasing costs results from precious metals contained in the product. Recycling is cash, because precious metals are too valuable for them not to be recycled. By reclaiming this value, you reduce the costs for the new product considerably.

Recycling is cash

The Heraeus Recycling Program was developed to guarantee you the highest possible precious metal value when exchanging used precious metal products against new products for glass making. We will be pleased to inform you in advance of the approximate value of your precious metal scrap after de-glassing, or the balance you would have to pay.

Simple and transparent

A recycling process is essential to make used precious metal products serviceable again and to eliminate possible impurities. Heraeus uses only precious metals with a guaranteed high purity for its products. On the basis of our many years of experience in dealing with precious metals we set standards in the processing and fabrication of precious metal products. We thus guarantee reliable and careful handling, traceable results and the highest possible refund of your precious metals.


Everything from one source

As a customer for precious metal recycling you need among other aspects special and appropriate expertise for reclaiming the precious metal. Heraeus therefore offers you a complete service associated with precious metals.

From recycling to production, from precious metal trading to advice on applications – with us you get everything from one source. We offer you prompt financing to reduce investment costs, short recycling times, and fast delivery. We support you with logistics and transportation, and offer you complete solutions at competitive conditions.