Sputtering Targets for Magnetic Data Storage

The market for magnetic data store is changing dynamically, with a very short time to market and developing cycles. The design of different layers and new storage technologies is always on the move.

Innovative power as well as the possibility to perform continuous and flexible testing according to new requirement is a key factor in selecting a supplier of targets in this business. As well as extraordinary precious metals know how to fulfil the changing demands.

A well established and robust partner in addition has the global footprint to deliver on the needed short schedules and offers matching services such as recycling, financing and waste management.

Our Development for your needs


Short time to market and a close cooperation with our customers is our primary goal. With a clear focus on the local products, our development activities comprise the following technologies for round, planar and tubular targets:

  • Melting and casting
  • Thermomechanical treatment
  • Advanced powder metallurgy (CIP, HIP, HP, sintering)
  • Thermal spraying
  • Bonding
  • Thin films

We understand the complex metallurgy that is required for the continuously changing generations of hard disk drives. As a special service you can return your used targets for recycling for shorten your cycles.


Using a wide-range of precious and non-precious metal-based alloys, our sputtering targets are custom-engineered to fit your most exacting specifications for magnetic recording media:

  • Capping Layers
  • Exchange Control Layers
  • Seed Layers
  • Adhesion Layers
  • Granular Magnetic Layers
  • Interlayers
  • Underlayers

Standard Materials

Sputtering Target

(Other materials available on request)

  • CoPt-X, FePt-X, FePt-Oxides
  • CoCrPt, CoCrPtB, CoCrPtB-X
  • Ru, Ru-X, Ru-Oxides
  • NiW, NiW-X, MgO, TiN
  • CoFe-X-Y-Z, FeTaC
  • Cr, CrTi, Cr-X-Y
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